Thursday, 21 January 2010

Delays and crummy days

OK today wasn't the best day for me. Had the blues as it were... just sitting in an office when u know it's not where you belong, u want to be doing creative things but have to earn a living so have to be there... *sigh* hate days like that.

Anywho... sold camera, bit sad to see it go really. It was a birthday present about 5 years ago and did animation on it etc but it wasn't great and very outdated and it's made someone else happy.

Luckily i posted a thread on about cameras and what to get and my choice wasn't good, so close to buying it today as well, so thank god i didn't and thank god for the forum. Decided to go with a webcam after some good advice and should be getting this shortly -

I'd much rather a webcam then a video camera as well, so it's all good. Just gotta order it and then wait for it to come.... THEN i can do some stop mo... after waiting so long and finally getting back into it, i just wanna start shooting again and gotta wait... typical!

Was picking out music for my next short last night as well, very exciting got a couple of ideas. I like doing animation to music, hard work but rewarding. My kiss the girl video was the hardest i had to do, as it was so slow, so he'd have to sit there for like a few seconds but a fews seconds was of course 48 frames! Love it though :-)

So yeah it's all on hold at the mo, but i can still work out the moves and time it and make other things.

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