Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Let's forget about days...

OK so on the bus to work and what have i forgotten... the camera of course! e-mailed the guy and we're going to do the swap tomorrow! So no filming tonight.

So here are some pics from my room with animation goodies. I get told a lot my room looks like a child's but i wouldn't haven't any other way.

I don't know how to turn images the other way round on here, when i load it, it's straight but then it appears on here it's to the side. Sorry! but anyway here is the shelf of my goodies and creations.

Close up of the shelf, you may recognise some of them :-)

Here is Woody, never taken out of his box. The film that made me want to be an animator.

My make your own Morph and new plasticine :-)

I shouldn't have to tell you who these guys are ;-)

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