Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Almost day 1....

OK so tomorrow i hopefully buy my new camera, providing my old one sells to the person it's supposed to be selling to.

I've got a couple of stop mo shorts in mind, nothing to fancy just stuff to get me back into doing it. So strange how you feel like you're back to square one after not doing it for awhile but i know it will come back to me.

Got some new plasticine to play with, that's always nice and lovely new colours as well.

Got so many lovely animation goodies for Christmas (the plasticine being one of them) and a make your own Morph which i intend on doing and then getting annoyed because it looks nothing like Morph. The cool thing with that is, it comes with loads of props (i say loads, more like a few) so i'm gonna be doing my own models with the props which will be fun.

I've been promised an animation work space as well which i'm really happy about. One of the main downsides to moving home was the lack of space and no room for me just to put a table up etc.. but we have a garage and i've been promised a section of it, so very happy about that! Can't wait to do it up.

I'll take a pic of my animation shelf shortly as well :-)

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