Thursday, 21 January 2010

Delays and crummy days

OK today wasn't the best day for me. Had the blues as it were... just sitting in an office when u know it's not where you belong, u want to be doing creative things but have to earn a living so have to be there... *sigh* hate days like that.

Anywho... sold camera, bit sad to see it go really. It was a birthday present about 5 years ago and did animation on it etc but it wasn't great and very outdated and it's made someone else happy.

Luckily i posted a thread on about cameras and what to get and my choice wasn't good, so close to buying it today as well, so thank god i didn't and thank god for the forum. Decided to go with a webcam after some good advice and should be getting this shortly -

I'd much rather a webcam then a video camera as well, so it's all good. Just gotta order it and then wait for it to come.... THEN i can do some stop mo... after waiting so long and finally getting back into it, i just wanna start shooting again and gotta wait... typical!

Was picking out music for my next short last night as well, very exciting got a couple of ideas. I like doing animation to music, hard work but rewarding. My kiss the girl video was the hardest i had to do, as it was so slow, so he'd have to sit there for like a few seconds but a fews seconds was of course 48 frames! Love it though :-)

So yeah it's all on hold at the mo, but i can still work out the moves and time it and make other things.

Wednesday, 20 January 2010

I've been making things...

Tried to make a man... it's ok for a 2nd attempted... i made a man ages ago and came out similar to this, just gotta learn to smooth. Doubt i'll use him for anything, just practice.

Now! this fancy fellow i shall be using with the Morph skateboard... can't wait! already got a fun short in mind, just gotta sort a space out and get camera!

Stay tuned for Mr Fancy and the Skatboard....

Let's forget about days...

OK so on the bus to work and what have i forgotten... the camera of course! e-mailed the guy and we're going to do the swap tomorrow! So no filming tonight.

So here are some pics from my room with animation goodies. I get told a lot my room looks like a child's but i wouldn't haven't any other way.

I don't know how to turn images the other way round on here, when i load it, it's straight but then it appears on here it's to the side. Sorry! but anyway here is the shelf of my goodies and creations.

Close up of the shelf, you may recognise some of them :-)

Here is Woody, never taken out of his box. The film that made me want to be an animator.

My make your own Morph and new plasticine :-)

I shouldn't have to tell you who these guys are ;-)

Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Almost day 1....

OK so tomorrow i hopefully buy my new camera, providing my old one sells to the person it's supposed to be selling to.

I've got a couple of stop mo shorts in mind, nothing to fancy just stuff to get me back into doing it. So strange how you feel like you're back to square one after not doing it for awhile but i know it will come back to me.

Got some new plasticine to play with, that's always nice and lovely new colours as well.

Got so many lovely animation goodies for Christmas (the plasticine being one of them) and a make your own Morph which i intend on doing and then getting annoyed because it looks nothing like Morph. The cool thing with that is, it comes with loads of props (i say loads, more like a few) so i'm gonna be doing my own models with the props which will be fun.

I've been promised an animation work space as well which i'm really happy about. One of the main downsides to moving home was the lack of space and no room for me just to put a table up etc.. but we have a garage and i've been promised a section of it, so very happy about that! Can't wait to do it up.

I'll take a pic of my animation shelf shortly as well :-)